Cocktails and Dreams has everything you need from a heart-warming, emotional and fulfilling read this summer.

The story is raw, funny and real, and I lurched from laughing out loud to blinking away tears. A.L.Michael writes so beautifully, that Cocktails and Dreams completely won my heart.

Firstly, there is the beautiful story of Savannah, a young woman once abandoned by her rock star mother. Who wouldn’t be hurt and damaged by this? Savvy is so loveable, sweet, funny and strong that I rooted for her all the way through. Savvy goes through a journey in the novel and thanks to the fabulous writing, I was right there with her.

Secondly, there is the gorgeous bartender Milo. He’s honest, funny and perfect for Savvy, but can she allow herself to love him, because, you know, the girl has plans… But OH, the scenes where she realises that he’s a special guy!

Thirdly, the relationships in the novel between Savvy and her aunt, her father and her mother are so realistic and relatable. I devoured the family dynamics and laughed and cried along with them.

Finally, there are the cocktails and the food Savvy cooks… WOW! A.L.Michael’s descriptions of the cocktails are mouth-watering, sensual and evocative. I wanted to try every one!

This is a story about friendship, families, attraction, personal growth and acceptance. I LOVED every page!

And I can’t finish this review without saying this… wombletoff dickbag is up there with the best insults ever!!!