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Here are my reviews of the three books in the Lovelace Lane series…



This is a delightful story about the ups and downs of relationships, finding your dream home – but knowing it needs A LOT of work – and finding your way in life after a few false starts.

Alice Ross has a lovely warm author voice and a real talent for creating moments of comedy; I actually snorted out loud at some of the funny scenes in this novel.

If you want a sweet romance with moments that will make you giggle and some that will bring a tear to your eye, then The Little Cottage on Lovelace Lane is the book for you! I have already preordered the next in the series and can’t wait to read it!!



I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in the Lovelace Lane series. This one is just as warm, funny and cleverly written as the first one.

The main character Ruth Dutton moves into the annexe of The Big House on Lovelace Lane, expecting to enjoy a peaceful existence. However, with a daughter and son-in-law, three grandchildren and a possible love interest on the horizon, Ruth’s life is soon far busier than she could ever have imagined.

I laughed my way through this heartwarming romcom, had something in my eye at the end, and am now eagerly awaiting book 3!



What a perfect 5 star read!

The Wedding on Lovelace Lane is funny, warm and satisfying. It is delightfully romantic and left me smiling as well as a bit emotional.

Evie Lomax is a determined, resourceful character with a heart of gold. During the course of the story, her life becomes complicated in a variety of ways, and there are misunderstandings, revelations and reunions all round.

I hope Ms Ross decides to write another book set on Lovelace Lane because I have enjoyed reading this series immensely!

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