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I loved this story! It was funny, emotional and heart-warming.

The main character, Emily Tate, is sweet and loyal, and I warmed to her immediately. She’s had some ups and downs recently but she always has good intentions. When Emily returns to Oyster Bay, she realises what she’s been missing, and I joined her on a rollercoaster of emotions as she is reunited with her precious Gram and extended family, as well as the ghosts of her past.

Then there’s Charles… the handsome new owner of the Water’s Edge Inn, and he brings a whole load of delightful complications into Emily’s life. He’s a serious businessman but also gorgeous and kind, and I enjoyed the journey as Emily brings out the best in him, and they realise that they have more than an appreciation of Oyster Bay in common.

Summer at Oyster Bay is a feel-good romance that captivates the senses and Jenny Hale is an author with a gift for seamlessly immersing the reader in the story and making them fall in love with her characters.

This is a 5* read, for sure!



Jenny Hale

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