The thing I love most about Christmas – is guilt-free food. As a woman who sumo-wrestles her weight throughout the year, I welcome the festive season with gusto because throughout December it’s ok to eat anything. Isn’t it? At this time of year all calories are erased by those two magic words ‘it’s Christmas,’ which I reckon means I can eat anything and everything that’s vaguely festive or not. From Christmas cake to chocolates to crisps – it all goes under the Christmas ‘umbrella,’ and if it doesn’t then I am the queen of adaptation. If my crisps are turkey flavoured then, ‘it’s Christmas,’ if I sprinkle cinnamon on a doughnut that’s ‘Christmas,’ too. In fact I reckon I could eat anything if I sang Jingle Bells at the same time – and I could eat as much as I liked and the calories wouldn’t count.

fullsizerenderAs most of my books contain the word cake in the title, you may not be surprised to know that I have a sweet tooth – so mince pies, pudding and Christmas cake are my festive favourites. However there is one thing that eclipses even a mountain of Quality Street or Roses chocolates – and that’s ‘festive cream.’ I love the way fresh cream suddenly becomes alcoholic, chocolatey, or fruity in all good supermarkets near me from about October. I try to hold back (sometimes I leave it as late as 2nd October) but once I’m there by the chiller cabinet it only takes one lustful glance, and I’m hooked. The frambois drenched, rum soaked, champagne-fuelled creams reach out to me. I’m a slave to the heavenly combination of cream, alcohol, chocolate and winter fruits – just little tubs of pure Christmasness smiling seductively from their shelves.



I tell myself (from behind a snowy avalanche of kirsch/Cointreau/white chocolate and spiced orange double cream) that they’re not all bad. I reckon those containing fruit are at least one of my five a day. As for the cream? Well there must be some calcium in there right?


Besides, I’m merely testing ALL these luscious bad boys to make sure I choose the correct accompaniment to my family’s Christmas pudding. Oh yes, this is a selfless act of pure kindness and each year I’m pushed on to find that perfect Christmas cream for everyone.


So if you see a woman in your supermarket filing her basket with an obscene amount of fancy festive cream (and possibly dribbling), look away, it might be me seeking the true meaning of Christmas. And if you want to join me in my endeavours might I recommend using a warm mince pie as the vehicle for your research?

And I’d like to stress again, please don’t worry about the calories because ‘It’s Christmas!’



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