Today I am delighted to post a book review from a very special guest… my lovely daughter Molly. We were recently gifted a copy of the heartwarming book A Hound in the House by Chris Dignam, and before I could even get my hands on it, my daughter was curled up on the sofa reading, laughing and crying in turns.

Beautiful owl goblet

I got to know Chris via the Greyhound Rescue Wales Facebook group and he is a fellow greyhound enthusiast. He also has his own company which he runs with his wife – Crafty Dog Cymru – and they sell a wide variety of their creations at their website, including books, glassware and jams. Here are some examples of the beautiful glasses they create. I know where I’ll be doing some Christmas shopping! 🙂



Greyhound goblets and tumblers




Chutneys and jams


So here’s the review by Molly. Hope you enjoy! If you’d like to purchase a copy of the book yourself, you can either head over to Crafty Dog Cymru or Amazon. (P.S. It’s free on Kindle unlimited…)


*** I adored this book from start to finish. If you want a book that is bitter-sweet and extremely entertaining then this is the one! As I have a greyhound of my own, I can relate to many events that happen in the book. In addition, each dog has their own fantastic personality which made me smile and laugh. At some points in the book I had to stop reading as my eyes were blurred from tears! The owners of the dogs are so affectionate, patient and caring that it warmed my heart! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone and it is one of my favourite books. Now I am currently reading Chris Dignam’s other book, “The largest rabbit: or when is a rabbit not a rabbit?” I’d be surprised if you didn’t adopt a greyhound after reading this! ***

Thanks to Molly for her review and thanks to Chris for sending us a copy of the book to enjoy!

Have a great week!