The weather outside is frightful but I’m inside, with the heating on (even though it’s July) dreaming of the places I’d love to visit. There are lots of dream destinations, but I decided to pick my current top five.



1. Hever Castle in Kent. I went there a few years ago for my birthday and it was incredibly beautiful and atmospheric. I loved knowing that Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII had been there at one time and that I was walking where they’d once walked. DSC02423


  1. Lake Garda in Italy. My husband took me to Malcesine a few years ago and we enjoyed a wonderfully romantic holiday that included a visit to Verona where we went to the opera and visited the site of Juliet’s balcony. (Even though the balcony is a more recent addition and there is much debate over the authenticity of the site, it was still magical and I could imagine the balcony scene being played out there.)




  1. New York. I don’t even know where to start with this city other than to say that I love it and would move there if I could. My husband dropped to his knees and proposed to me in Times Square and it was like a scene out of a romance movie, because when I said yes, we got cheered by everyone around us.


  1. France. I adore France and have holidayed there several times. I love the food, the landscape and the language. In particular, I loved the skiing in Chamrousse and we had a fabulously active family holiday there. DSC02136


  1. Alaska. I would love to visit the wilderness, to escape from everything for a while and just spend quality time with my family and to write. Sometimes life gets so busy that it’s hard to catch my breath. And, of course, it would be wonderful to see the Northern Lights.


Me in Malcesine, wandering through the pretty cobbled streets.

Where are your top five destinations and why?