Unknown-1The Good Mother is a nail-biting, scintillating, thrilling rollercoaster. I finished it within twenty-four hours but if I’d been able to read it straight, it would have been gone in less than four! The reader is thrown straight into the story and relentlessly carried along through the ups and downs of the plot. This novel is not for the faint-hearted though, so if you’re looking for a happy story about the joys of motherhood, then this is not the book for you! It is about motherhood, but about how it can affect a woman in a variety of ways, how it gets deep down into her soul and changes her, especially when life does not work out the way she had expected it to. The Good Mother is dark, it is thought-provoking and it is disturbing — exactly what I want from a thriller. There is a twist but the novel is about more than that, it’s about the chilling journey that leads to the twist and the complexities of the human psyche. I’ll be reaching for more books from A. L. Bird. She’s one to watch!