I don’t know about you but I had a very busy weekend. Saturday involved attending my husband’s grandfather’s 80th birthday party. We had a wonderful time and it reminded me, yet again, how lucky I am to be a part of such a caring family and also about how important our friends and family are. Even when people aren’t blood relatives, they can play a very important role in our lives and every day with them is a gift.

Seeing as how it’s Monday and the weekend is far away, I thought I’d share a short excerpt from Something Old, Something New with you. It’s taken from a scene where Annie Thomas, the main character, finds out more about her best friend’s personal trainer, the giant Russian Vlad.

If you enjoy the excerpt, Something Old, Something New is currently available for preorder and will be released on 16th May.



Have a fabulous week!

Darcie XX




There’s a gentle knock at the back door and it swings open. It’s my neighbour Cassie. There’s a low wall between our back gardens and she often hops over it to come in for a gossip. She’s dressed like she’s just starred in a fitness video from the eighties and I have to swallow the sarcastic comment about starring in an eighties aerobics movie that springs to my lips.

‘Morning Annie,’ she says as she approaches me and helps herself to an instant coffee. She treats my home like it’s her own. I don’t mind. In fact, it helps to have someone else around when I need an emergency babysitter or someone to let the dogs out during the day. She takes a gulp of coffee then grimaces. ‘Did I not buy you some of the good stuff?’

I frown then realise that she’s on about the ground coffee for the cafetiere. ‘Yes, of course. I think it’s in the fridge.’ I gesture at the silver doors of the fridge-freezer but hope that she doesn’t look inside. I’m actually not sure if it’s in there or if Henry used it to age his homework scroll for his Viking project. Luckily, Cassie doesn’t look for it. She’s got that pained expression that she wears when she wants me to ask her what’s wrong.

I oblige. ‘You okay, Cass? You look kind of worried about something.’ I take a sip of coffee to hide my quivering lips. I love this woman, I really do, but she does enjoy her moments of melodrama.

She pats her platinum blonde curls and lets out a huge sigh. ‘I am, darling, I am. It’s just that I have a training session today with Vlad and…’

‘Vlad?’ I frown at her. ‘I thought your personal trainer was called Barry?’

She waves her hand. ‘That was my old trainer. I had to give him the push, Annie, because he had the most awful back hair. Don’t you listen?’

I’m torn between replying to her comment regarding my listening skills and asking why back hair matters in a personal trainer, when I realise that she probably did tell me. I often carry on with chores as Cassie talks and I may well have tuned out during that particular conversation. ‘Oh, yeah. I remember,’ I say. Better to just agree and keep the peace as she clearly needs to vent.

‘So, as I was saying, I have my first session with Vlad but I look such a mess.’

‘Who is this Vlad?’

‘My new trainer, Annie, I told you this too. He’s a six-foot-four wall of Russian beefcake. He spent some time on the bodybuilding circuit but although he still works out, he now focuses his own fitness business.’ She winks at this and I bite my lip.

‘Well I think you look great, Cass. Your hair is beautiful as always, your tan is well topped up and you’re in… what… size six workout gear?’

She giggles. ‘Size eight, darling. A six would be too scrawny.’ She runs a hand self-consciously over her taut neck.

I nod in agreement, absently tugging my baggy grey t-shirt over my threadbare black jogging bottoms. I have a feeling they’re actually an old pair of Dex’s, which would make them a men’s thirty-two or even a thirty-four. Something like that, I guess. I doubt I’d even squeeze one of my arms into Cassie’s fitted three-quarter length running pants, let alone a leg.