Fabulous post about Dating Mr. Darcy from Katie Oliver 🙂 Now there’s a thought!!!

Pink Ink

I recently went searching for Buzzfeed posts about Mr Darcy (as you do), and I found this one: ‘17 Jane Austen Characters, If They Were on Tinder.‘ The post got me to thinking (which is rarely a good thing):

What would it be like to go out on a date – a real date – with Darcy, or Knightley, or Mr Wickham, Edward Ferrars, or perhaps Colonel Brandon? Let’s say you have one week to date five Austen men. Only imagine the various romantic (or not so romantic?) scenarios…

Tuesday Evening. Colonel Brandon arrives to pick you up exactly on time. He’s a bit older than you expected, but is well dressed and possessed of impeccable manners. He drives an expensive but understated car and opens the door for you. You feel treasured, like a piece of fine Limoges china. Although he drones on a bit over dinner a deux

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